About as different as you can get while still speaking German

This past week or so I’ve explored Innsbruck, Austria and Dresden, Germany. While both of these cities speak German and definitely have that influence, they really couldn’t be further apart and the contrast between the two was actually surprising for me. Let’s start with Innsbruck.    This charming, mountain surrounded city is located in the western part of Austria and is absolutely stunning. Stetson has … Continue reading About as different as you can get while still speaking German

Ich bin ein Berliner!… And that one time I went to Freiburg

The past two days I was able to visit my friend Jennifer in Berlin as she finishes up her summer studies at the Goethe Institute. Berlin really is a beautiful city, but what’s makes it particularly interesting is how recent and thus present its history is. This sad history really does play a large role on Berlin’s culture and vibe, but also makes it an … Continue reading Ich bin ein Berliner!… And that one time I went to Freiburg

Tour d’Italia

Since leaving Paris I have been traveling around Italy, primarily with my friend from college/big in Pi Beta Phi and her cousin who just walked the Camino de Santiago. In 5 days I’ve traveled to 4 different cities – and clearly it’s been a whirlwind.  Oh – side note – my plane to Italy was pretty epic.  Moving on.  Our first stop was Florence. It’s … Continue reading Tour d’Italia

Le Pecq

Today I ventured off into the unknown – aka I actually left Paris for once and explored a suburb called Le Pecq. Why, you may be wondering, did I decide to leave my arrondissement of comfort? Well, dearest reader, Le Pecq is the suburb that my dad grew up in and the first permanent home for him, his mom (my grandma) and his dad (my … Continue reading Le Pecq

Mise Ă  jour

As life tends towards normalcy here in Paris, it’s been hard for me to journal or blog about anything. It’s not that life is mundane, it’s just hard to know what is important enough to write about and what isn’t. I did have an amazing excursion with my class on Friday, though, and went to thus far my favorite museum – MusĂ©e Carnavalet. It sounds … Continue reading Mise Ă  jour


This past weekend I took a day trip to the Champagne region in France.  And yes, I drank champagne.    During our short visit, we visited two different champagne producers and learned about the art. The first of these was a large producer, Pommery, and we went on a formal tour and had a tasting after. The tour itself was actually quite strange and nothing … Continue reading SantĂ©!